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Herminione - Namibia

Hermione is named after one of the characters in the popular books by J.K. Rowling and is the smallest and darkest of the three siblings…and the most playful. She has a small teddy bear face and big dark eyes, by far the cutest of the three. She is very gentle by nature, but not as much as her brother Ron. She tends to follow Ron’s lead during feeding. Hermione is the most social and will chase her brother and sister around the pen even though she is much smaller. She is an instigator, but able to hold her own.

Aurora - Namibia

Aurora was brought to CCF as a cub only several weeks old in April 2013.  A farmer found Aurora without any sign of her mother and kept her for 2 weeks before calling CCF.  When she arrived at CCF her claws had been cut, she was malnourished, and was extremely frightened.  Since being at CCF she has been introduced to another female cub, Rainbow, who arrived at CCF around the same time.  The two have become companions and now share an enclosure.


Ron - Namibia

in September 2005, CCF received a call from a farmer who had caught three two-month old cubs. He caught Hermione first, Ron three days later, and Harry four days after that. The cubs were very weak and had apparently lost their mother, whose fate remains unknown.

Ron is named after one of the characters in the popular books by J.K. Rowling. Much like his namesake, Ron is one of most comedic cats at the Centre, pulling at his siblings legs or stealing food right from under their noses. He loves to be the big brother of the Hogwarts trio. He often chases his sisters around the pen for play, preferring to chase them than chasing lures. Ron’s distinguishing marks are his kinked tail and almond-shaped eyes, which are a very light amber

Kiana - Namibia

Kiana arrived at CCF in April 2007 with her half-sister Kayla when they were around 2 years old. They live inside CCF’s 64 hectare pen known as Bellebeno. Although they share the enclosure with a number of other cheetahs, Kayla and Kiana stick together all the time.

Before arriving at CCF Kiana and Kayla were kept in less than ideal conditions and were not fed a proper diet, resulting in them being much smaller than other cheetahs of the same age. Kiana also has a heart murmur and receives a pill every day to lower her blood pressure. To give Kiana her pill her keepers hide it in a piece of meat and chuck it in front of her before the main feeding.


Solo was born in February 2000 and arrived at CCF during the following January. She was caught on a sheep farm south of Windhoek with her sister and brother estimated at 13 months old.  What happened to her mother is unknown and in 2001 her sister and brother went to White Oak Conservation Centre in Florida, USA.

Solo is one of the fastest cheetahs at CCF, despite her advancing age; she loves to run and even when the food is gone, she will keep pace with the truck, and is one of the alpha females in the Bellebeno group.

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Senay - Namibia

Senay is one of the four Okakarara Cubs, which were brought to CCF when they were only a few weeks old in 2010. Senay and her brothers Khayjay and Peter and her sister Tiger Lily live together at the CCF Center and are being specially trained to be Ambassador Cheetahs. They will meet visiting school groups, distinguished guests, farmers, and other people from all over Namibia, and will teach everyone they encounter about the cheetah and its race against extinction. Senay loves to keep company with her siblings and works very cooperatively with her handlers.

Rainbow - Namibia

In February, 2013, a local farmer had found Rainbow by the side of the road and had brought her back to his farm. After a week of trying to nurture her back to health, he called CCF to pick her up. CCF found Rainbow in a small cage. She was frightened, and while the farmer had been able to give her a little food during the week, she was very thin. She was given the name Rainbow, in honor of the bright rainbows that had appeared in the sky during the more than three hour drive it took to retrieve her.


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